Master Supplements 45 Day Complete G.I. Program

$168.00 $139.95

Featuring 2-Theralac®, 1-Enzalase®, and 1-TruFiber®

Dosing Instructions

  • Theralac – 2 bottles of Theralac required.
    2 capsules daily for 15 days
    followed by
    1 capsule daily for 30 days
  • Enzalase
    1 capsule daily for 45 days
  • TruFiber
    1 serving daily for 45 days


For complete digestive support, we recommend the use of a probiotic in addition to a high-quality enzyme and fiber supplement. Enzalase aids digestion and helps break down food while TruFiber promotes bifidobacterium colonization. Both products work synergistically with our flagship probiotic, Theralac, a balanced probiotic formula that provides complete G.I. coverage, to support gut health. This 45-Day program is great for anyone who has taken antibiotics or experienced digestive issues.


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