Master Supplements 30 Day Probiotic Gut Reset


Cleanse your gut with with this trio of potent probiotics!

Featuring 1-Theralac, 1-Truflora, 1-Trubifido

Dosing Instructions

  • TruFlora
    Take one capsule a day for the first 10 days
  • TruBifido
    Take one capsule a day for the second 10 days
  • Theralac
    Take one capsule a day for the final 10 days


Eliminate waste and toxins, support regular and easy bowel movements, and promote the healthy structure and function of your digestive tract from end to end! Our three probiotic supplements work together to cleanse undesireable, non-pathogenic bacteria; fortify your entire GI tract with beneficial bacteria; and restore balance to your microbiome. Prebiotic included in every capsule. Acid proof protection guarantees deep, targeted delivery. Each supplement has been tested by an independent lab to ensure potency, activity, and purity through expiration.


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